Using Arduino IDE on Ubuntu with NodeMCU


I bought an NodeMCU. So today I downloaded the Arduino IDE (Version 1.6.9) for Ubuntu. I installed it with Then I opened it up and added the additional board manager for the ESP8266 and installed the esp8266 board from the board manager. Moreover I changed the port to /dev/ttyUSB0. Then I opened the example blinking code and changed the the Port to 13. Now I uploaded the code to my NodeMCU. On the bottom of the screen the number increased to 100% and during this the led of the NodeMCU blinked. When the upload process finishs, the led turns off.

Does anyone know, why it doesn't work. Do I have to install some additional divers on Ubuntu?

Greetings Lanseuo

Are you trying to blink the LED on the NodeMCU? If so then use LED_BUILTIN instead of 13. The NodeMCU has the led on pin 16. Common boards such as Uno, Mega, Leonardo have the onboard LED on pin 13 but you shouldn't assume that to be the case for every board because it's not always so. That's why Arduino has the macro LED_BUILTIN so the same code will work on any board that defines it.