Using Arduino IDE with

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Do you think that it could be possible to use the arduino IDE with elektor's ARM’ed T-Board :

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Hi, without looking at the schematics, it sounds compatible with either .cc or .org Zero/M0 bootloader. If you go for the .cc bootloader, you should be able to use the board as a Zero with only Native USB support. It is already done for the Neutrino or other similar board and works great. :)

There is no information about which bootloader is included. If there is no bootloader, you'll have to buy an Atmel ICE to program it yourself.

take a look here:
this is a slightly modified core for the SAMD21E18A and SAMD21E17A
(lower Pin count than the SAMD21G18 of the Zero)

including Bossa/SAM-BA Bootloader and alternative USB-MSD-Bootloader (Mass-Storage-Device)

Dear AloyseTech, dear Dirk67, Thank you very much for your replys. Do you think there exists some kind of ArduinoAsIsp code that coud allow me to upload a bootloader in this ARM'ed T-Board without an Atmel ICE ? Thank you in advance, best regards,


I haven't heard of such a program, but I've seen an article about someone communicating through JTAG with an arduino UNO to an ARM chip (here). That could be a good start to make it yourself, even if it requires a lot of work IMHO. I was also not sure about being an Atmel ICE, but finally it's a good investment.