Using arduino in wet rooms

Hi all,

I'm thinking of using an arduino to control a jetmotor of a whirpool. the motor is now activated by an air pressure switch but there is always coming moist in the airhose and then i have to clean it again.

My first thought i to use a touch sensor to switch the motor on and off and control the speed , for example full or half speed. The thing is, that the touch sensor could become wet because off the place where it's going to be. Could that be a problem ? The second thing is, i want to be sure that there never comes 230v on the touch sensor, how can i accomplish that ?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Sounds like an extremely dangerous project. Think of another.

Agreed. The whole point of the air switch is for safe isolation. If there is water vapour in it its faulty and potentially dangerous. Replace it

Sounds like an ideal application for an IR proximity sensor.

Thanks, but i realy want to get rid those air pressure swtitches, i have to replace the air push buttons every half year now. If a touch sensor is not galvanic isolatable in a safe way maybe a knock knock sensor could be a solution. But wil the sensor recognize knocks while the bubbles in the wather are making noise ?

Clearly this is a plumbing, not an Arduino problem.

If you have unreliable air switch components, you need to get out and buy some decent ones. Now I do not have a spa, nor a need for such grossly unhealthy things, but someone should know a bit about what is quality and what is - apparently - not.

you have some options.

obviously, putting a 220v switch in the water is less than optimal.

the air pressure switch uses air as a medium that will not conduct electricity so the switch can be located above the water level and in a remote locations.

there are lots of options to make either mechanical switches or something that is more water proof.

however, there should not be any reason you could not seal the esisting swtiches and prevent water from entering the air lline

there are many types of water proof switches. find what you like.

the circuit for the switches should be low voltage and opto-isolated from any higher voltage. the opto could be connected to a simple relay that is line voltage that would replace the existing air switch. that way, your relay is located in a safe, and remote location. and any power in the spa will be low voltage.

you could use a 3v line for the switch, then 5 or 12 for the relay.

the best thing would be to seal the air switch and stay with that. but,if you insist on swapping it out, there is no permanent solution. a mechanical switch will corrorde na dyou wil need to replace them over time.

KenF: Sounds like an ideal application for an IR proximity sensor.

I was thinking of a home automation remote in a plastic bag.

Thing is a spa is unlikely to be a plug plug system.

Needs an electrician to fit a different contactor.

Some sparkies wont touch spas either.

Have to go to the pool places .

edit This is what I was looking for

wilm: Thanks, but i realy want to get rid those air pressure swtitches,

IR Proximity sensors don't use pressure switches.