Using arduino intead of a PT VIP 3AC/380 03 Rev. 2 ballast

Hi, i have a Sanyo PLC-X31 video projector and i want to change the original lamp with a LED or XENON. The problem is the ballast (PT VIP 3AC/380 03 Rev. 2 from OSRAM) user a micro-controller to control the lamp. I have read that a arduino can be used instead to trick the mainboard.
Anyone have any idea what code should i use for that ? (i`m noob at programming)

The service manual for XE31 can be found here : Service manual Sanyo PLC-XE31

Thank you.

Hello Man,
i have found this: standard uart protocol for osram ballast

now the problem is to write a program that can execute this protocol.

You are absolutely right Xyz :)) the problem is to write the code. Meanwhile, have you found anything yet for yours?

why not use the ballasts original micro controllers, control board from the ballast instead of programming a blank new controller, you would only have to find how to power the board and create the necessary inputs to the board to simulate the original ballasts on and functioning ok condition, the inputs would involve a couple of analogue to digital converter in puts to the micro controller an a couple of binary logic inputs one for the lamp on off and one to dim the lamp. the inputs should be straight forward to discover by getting the data sheet of the particular micro controller that the board is using.