Using Arduino Libraries in Matlab

I am wondering if it is possible to integrate Arduino libraries into Matlab.

I'm working on a project where I'm reading the frequency of a coin vibration motor using an accelerometer (Adafruit LIS3DH). The accelerometer uses arduino libraries that I have been using in the arduino IDE. However, Matlab has useful functions that make it easy to read the frequency from a signal so I'm hoping to use those since they already exist. I've looked through other arduino libraries to see if there are any equivalent but none came up in my search.

I found this video but I'm a little confused about how it works. I've tried multiple times and I can't seem to get the steps correct.

I'm hoping just for some suggestions, not really steps or directions on how to do this. So far I have three options I feel I can choose from.

  1. Continue trying to integrate the arduino library for the accelerometer into Matlab
  2. Continue searching for equivalent libraries in the arduino IDE to read frequency from a signal
  3. Program something myself to read the signal