Using Arduino Micro as a controller for Oriental Motor Stepper Motor

Hi all,

I am new to circuits and programming. I have been reading the datasheets and tutorials for stepper motor, driver and Arduino for weeks but I am still stuck as some information are not relevant..

I am working on a project that requires the stepper motor to rotate 180 degrees, wait for a few seconds, before rotating back 180 degrees. I am required to use an Arduino for this operation.

Currently I only have these items:

1 x Arduino Micro
1 x Oriental Motor Stepper Motor (2 Phase, Bipolar) PKP213D05A
1 x Control Circuit CVD205-K

I could not attach the Control Ciruit manual here. Please go to the link and download the HM-60119E at the bottom of the page.

I have connected the motor (CN2) and power supply wires (CN1) to the control circuit. But I am unsure of which pins from CN3 to connect to the Arduino Micro and the steps to take after this..

I am really desperate for help.. would really appreciate it if somebody can share some knowledge! Thank you to those who replies!

I can't access the PDF without logging in. Can you download the PDF and then add it here as an attachment.


I believe that you need to connect all the - pins to Arduino GND. Then connect the CW/PLS+ and the CCW/DIR+ to two I/O pins that will provide step and direction signals. You need to set the dip switch appropriately

I don't know if you need to connect the AWO+ to anything. It may work without it being connected. If not, try connecting it to 5v (unless you want to be able to control it in which case connect it to an I/O pin.

Same goes for CS+. You will need to study the instructions.

It should be possible to test it with this Simple Stepper Code

Stepper Motor Basics

You should try AccelStepper library, using the DRIVER option, for a step/direction controller in
the first instance.