Using Arduino Mini for wireless Drawer Opening

i am gettign an arduino mini, and 2 xbee's... how do i wrte the code, do the wiring, and make it work from my computer? i need the drawer of a dvd drive to open when i press the up arrow, and in when i press down... this is my first project... please help...

btw, the dvd motor is one direction, and will work on as little as 1.5v...

:P - Jeremy

I don't want to be impolite, but asking people to make your entire project for you is probably not going to get you much help.

You need to start out with simpler experiments, and you need to split your project up in small managable chunks.

First get the Xbees to work with simple communication, then figure out how to control the DVD open / close function and so on.

is "cp" = cell phone ?

@MikMo i changed it... its computer now. i just dont know anythign ablut arduino or the xbee