Using arduino nano for making drone

Hello, I am planning to use arduino nano as the 'brain' for making my drone. I want to know how to safely connect my 3S lipo battery to my arduino Nano since lipo is light-weighted. thank you

3S is 11.1V, but with motors and ESCs that will be a very very noisy 11.1V. I'd add some simple filtering, say 10 ohm and 10uF 16V to help isolate the Nano from the noise. You should doublecheck the Nano specs for power too, and experiment to check the on-board regulator isn't getting super-hot (it could suddenly cut out if so,
not great in a drone!).

Another approach is to use ESCs with a BEC, although that might increase the mass of the system.

Depending on what your drone will do, you might find a NANO is not up to the job , but a google of Arduino and drone will help you .
There are a lot of custom boards around for drones that aren’t expensive and use much more powerful processors and will readily accept GPS , Gyros , connect to a receiver etc . Have a good look at this stuff first .