Using Arduino Pro Mini and 2.4" TFT 8 Bit ILI9341

First of all I want to apologise if anything I ask is silly.
I am Mech. Engg. and have no idea about the arduino , so a little help would be highly appreciated.

I recently bought

  1. M167 Pro Mini Atmega328 3.3V 8Mhz
  2. 2.4" TFT 8 Bit ILI9341 with shield 5.5 V
  3. PKCELL LP503035 3.7V 500mAh Battery
  4. CP2102 USB to TTL serial port converter module+ Arduino Programmer
  5. M/M jumper wires
  6. F/F jumper wires
  7. Breadboard

Actually I am working on a small arduino project in which I can connect two arduinos just to transfer data from one to other(Data as in simple numeric values, nothing big).

But 1st of all I want to connect this TFT with Arduino but have no idea how to make connections.

I have uploaded the pics of components.

Help from you guys/girls will be highly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance :slight_smile: