Using arduino relay shield.

Hello. I just got my relay shield and having problem putting wires in right places. How exacly do i put the wires? Where do i put the 220v? It says that pin 5 is OUTPUT 1, pin 6 is OUTPUT 2 etc. Still im not exacly sure how this relay works. Could someone give a hint?

My relay shield is this: Could someone draw a simple picture how to do this? I was wondering that do i put the 220v to OUTPUTS or where? Doesn't sound logical to me. But putting the voltage to pin 5.. I think that would fry my circuit. I really dont know what to do

OUT1 through OUT4 "control" pins engage the relay ON/off for the related Screw terminals labeled OUT1 though OUT4. The control pins are directly attached to the related Arduino pins... so you make arduino pin 5 HIGH to engage (close) the switch between the 2 screw terminals labeled OUT1.

I seem to have problem about figuring out where to put ground cables. Do you mean that when i put PIN 5 to high the switch between two screws in OUTPUT1 will close? What about when i'm gonna take some electricity from plug, where do i put the ground cable? Can i just put it in arduinos GND?

Could someone repair my drawing and show me how it is done. I made one possible scenario, is this right?



I am no expert, but in the interest of public safety, I think that you should not be looking at using high voltages from your wall socket until you have a better understanding of how these things work.

My thinking is to look at the relay like an on / off light switch that you have wired to a bed side lamp.

From the wall socket, you have 3 wires : Live, Neutral, Earth.

In the bed side light :
Earth goes direct to the light fitting.
Neutral to the Neutral contact on the light bulb socket.
Live to the Live side of the light bulb socket.

Your manual on / off switch is connected only to the Live wire.
When OFF, the Live wire is 'broken' / open, and no current flows from Live to the bulb, so no light.
When ON, the Live wire is 'connected' to the bulb, and light works.

The Earth is there to prevent accidents - if either the Neutral or Live touch any part of the fitting that is 'Earthed' then the Earth Leakage Trip Switch on the main DB should trip.

Your relay board works the same. Each of the 4 sets of 'Out' screw terminals work just like the light switch. Break the live wire and connect to the 2 screw terminals for 'Out-1'.
When the relay is OFF, the Live wire is 'broken'.
When the relay is ON, the Live wire is 'joined'

Only difference between the manual light switch and the relay, is that you are using your finger on the manual switch, but controlling the relay switch with the output from the Arduino.

Now it's working. I used two outputs. In output 1 i placed both L wires and in output 2 i placed both N wires. Then i just simply closed output 2 switch and by controlling output 1 i could use my device the way i wanted.