Using Arduino software with different i/o card

Hey guys,

So my professor at my school has a different data i/o card, one he got from And instead of buying an arduino (which I will if this doesn't work) I was wondering if the Arduino software will work with other i/o cards, specifically this one from Also what I'm trying to do is have a button act as a "scene skip" for a video on a computer, so if anyone has any info on that, that'd be awesome too. Thanks for you help guys.

Not likely, unless that device has a processor on it supported by the Arduino system. If it does, then if it has a way of hooking up an ISP so you can flash the bootloader (or sketches) for the processor on it - then maybe...?

Can you give us more information on which card he purchased (model number, or better, a link to the product on makingthings site)?