Using Arduino/Teensy to make a flight sim controller

Hello all. I'm new to Arduino and coding. I have some minimal wiring experience, and I'm decent at figuring things out, but I need some help with my project as it is my first. I will try to be as detailed as I can. I just want to figure out all of what I will need before I buy everything, and how I will go about building this.
With that out of the way...
I want to make a controller for games using either Arduino Uno or Teensy. (I was looking at Teensy because I heard it had easy USB support).
I play War Thunder, and because I'm always looking for a project, I wanted to make my own toggle switches because I'm running out of keybinds on my keybored. And It's just cool. 8)
I want this controller to have 5 On/Off toggle switches for various things (ones like you would see on a guitar for different pickups), and 2 pots for throttle...prop pitch... or whatever.
I understand the switches and pots are fairly easy to wire, but a diagram would still be helpful because I'm new.
And now for the coding portion. What would I need to code to have War Thunder take in the input from the pots as an Axis? (War Thunder has a "throttle Axis option")
And what would I need to code to have the toggle switches be taken in as a button or a toggle?
For example, I want to use one of the switches (with a red cover :grinning:) as the "bail out of aircraft" switch. Normally in the game you set a keybind for this, and HOLD DOWN the button. But if I would want to do this with a switch instead, is it possible?
Also, will I need a breadboard for this, and will it make it simpler and easier? I am absolutely fine with getting one. I'm just asking so I can make a list of materials I need.
Along with the breadboard, I assume I'll need capacitors/resistors/something else. If so, what kind? I think I saw something about 1K capacitor. But again, I don't have much Arduino experience, and will probably need a bit of an explanation of what else I will need.

So, just as a review. I want to make a War Thunder compatible controller, with 5 switches (wired with separate inputs) and 2 pots (coded to be detected as an Axis by War Thunder), with a Teensy or Arduino board.
Is that feasible?

I know this is a little ambitious for someone new. But I think I can do it. With some help of course.

Post Script: I really want this to work out. My grandpa and I need a project, and because of Covid he hasn't been able do as much.
But if it's not possible, I do need to know. That's why I'm here.

It’s probably possible. The thing you need to find out is how War thunder talks to external devices. Some sims do it over ethernet, some serial and some can talk to a joystick etc. over USB.

In the worst case, there are Arduinos like the Leonardo that can send keystrokes to a PC, so you can read switches and then send whatever keyboard commands you want them to mean.

Yes. All you discuss can be done using Arduinos. If the controller is USB based then as WildBill said, only the Leonardo would work to send USB data to the game.

I recommend that you get an Uno and an Arduino Sensor kit, then start programming the devices in the kit according to the example programs in the IDE.

Learn to swim before going in the deep end.

There are plenty devices that can act as a HID, not only the Leonardo.

Arduino Micro and a number of other Arduinos. And outside the Arduino family, SparkFun ProMicro, Teensies and others that I don't know about :wink:

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