Using Arduino to activate garage door wireless remote

Greetings - I am looking for advice on an appropriate circuit to use for this project.

To control my garage door, it occurred to me that rather than hooking a relay up to 24 volts to activate the opener as if it were another wired button on the garage wall, I could just open the case to my wireless remote control and close the circuit as if the button on the wireless remote had been pressed. The wireless remote has a single 3.3v coin-cell battery in it, and a multimeter across the button terminals shows 3.3 volts, so it is a 3.3 volt device. I soldered two wires to the opposite sides of the button, and by touching those wires together, or "short-circuiting the button", the garage door does activate. I'd like to now connect those wires to pins on the Arduino (3.3v device, of course) to be able to control the door activation with programming on the Arduino.

If there is a simple way to "short circuit the button" by connecting the 2 wires to pins and setting one high and one low or something like that, that would be great, but that just doesn't feel like it would work (haven't tried it). Alternatively, I have tried using a 2222 transistor with the Arduino pin attached to the base and the two wires from the remote to the collector and emitter, but no consistent success there either.

Is this project idea feasible? How would I set up this circuit? Thanks...

This is feasible.

Your transistor needs to have it's emitter (-) connection connected to Arduino ground. The remote is 'floating' so OK.

You need the polarity of the remote to be so that the more + connection is to the transistor Collector and the more negative connection to Arduino ground.

There should be a resistor from Arduino output to transistor base. 200..1000 ohms should be OK.

Let us know if OK..

How about just a basic mini-relay (that can be operated directly by the Arduino for closing the remote control circuit?

How about just a basic mini-relay (that can be operated directly by the Arduino for closing the remote control circuit?

Interesting - I hadn't even thought of that. So just connect the Arduino through the coil of the Relay, and connect the two wires from the garage remote to the "normally open" connection on the relay? That would be all, right? Nice idea! Thanks!

Optocoupler. It's what I use for my garage. But I don't see the point of using up a remote when controlling the wall unit is functionally identical and more reliable.