Using Arduino to Connect ESP32 to WPA2 Network

Hi, all! So: I am attempting to send temperature and relative humidity data from a DHT22 sensor to Initial State using the code and sensor build found here: [How to Build Your Own ESP32 Temperature Monitor | by Elizabeth Adams | Initial State | Medium]. The issue is that I cannot get this code to work with my university's wifi, eduroam, which requires a username and password, as it is a WPA2 network type. Does anyone have any experience doing something similar? I'm really not trying to fall into a rabbit hole here. I need a quick solution to upload this data online so I can consistently monitor it. Thank you!

//-------- User Settings -----------
const char* ssid = "SSID";
const char* password = "PASSWORD";

And you've set these variables to the appropriate values ?

The issue is that a WPA2 network like Eduroam requires an SSID, username, and password, so I am unsure of how to modify the code to be able to connect to that kind of network.

Didn't know about the WPA2 thing, but i have a friend at google and his top suggestion is this

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