using arduino to control LEDs - does PWM create audio buzz?

Hi There,

Pretty fundamental and basic question, that I'm failing to find an answer for on google (I'm sure I'm just a dumb dumb).

I play in a band. We want to add on stage lighting to the live shows. My thinking is an Arduino LED based system is a good place to start - However, PWM in lighting systems is the bane of many a touring guitarist, as guitar pickups have a tendency to pick-up the frequencies of the pulse, and a lovely hum finds it's way to your amp (bad times all round).

My questions are:

Does anyone have experience using Arduino's for live stage lighting?
And if so, does the PWM create any issues with hum?

My hope is that with the low voltages needed to power LEDs, inductance is not a issue - but maybe sharing a common ground (earth) with an amplifier might be?

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone is able to give me,


Not the voltage makes the music, it's the current instead. The right cables (twisted pair? eventually shielded) and proper isolation of the LED power supply should work. Eventually an ultrasonic PWM frequency can be used, but I have no practical experience in stage technology. Find out yourself if it works for you, or get the right equipment from a professional.