Using Arduino to control SigmaStudio Audio DSP and LCD/OLED

Hello all,

Looking to get started with Arduino and thought I might jump in at the deep end with my first project, assuming this is all possible.

I plan to use the ADAU1701 DSP chip from Analog Devices, I would like to use the Arduino to control parameters via I2C or SPI and also have a LCD or OLED display to show a basic menu and parameter values. Toggle buttons and a rotary encoder will select parameters and change values.


I've been watching and reading tutorials and I think I'm set if I need to make an LED blink but I've not found much on this sort of application so any further reading on this subject is muchly appreciated.

Now...Analog Devices have provided a bit of a guide to implementing a microcontroller, the jist of it being, sending information like the following to the chip, to update values etc...

ADI_REG_TYPE TONES_0[4] = {0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00};
void TONES_download()
SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER_BLOCK( DEVICE_ADDR_IC_1, 0x0010, 6, TONES_0); /* StMuxSwSlew1coeffname */}

I don't know how and when to send this information, is this the sort of thing that will become apparent as I start work on this?

What's the basic method for getting values and menus on the screen? I've seen how to read temperature sensors and have them display but this seems quite a bit different.

In what way would the commands to the chip and the display linked? I.E Would pushing a button 'send' separate signals/commands to the display and DSP chip or would it sort of send the command to the display, which would then send another command to the chip? If that makes any sense? In short, how to go about doing this?!

In terms of ease of use can anyone recommend LCD or OLED? It seems LCDs have more supporting material so possibly would be a smart choice.

Any pointers would be grand,

Many thanks.

Anyone? No one?

Too specific? Too vague?

Hi Quirkologist,

maybe a bit too late - but for others who read - I've developed an Arduino library for Sigma DSPs
check this out at

it's opensource and many of your problems are just been resolved

Hello, Aida does look ideal, however I've moved to the ADAU1442 now, is Aida just for the 1701?

Hi, sorry but just readed the post now :frowning: ,

we've starting supporting ADAU144x some time ago.

You need to use AidaDSP2.cpp and AidaDSP2.h on the official Github Repo.

Also the Java Header File generator can generate an Arduino friendly header file

from Sigma Studio ADAU144x project's generated .xml file.

Hope to be of some help