Using Arduino to find optimised positioning of blocks

Hi all..

I hope I am posting in the right area of the forum. I need help with a new project that I am working on. I have provided below, a brief of my project and my question. Kindly guide me through.

Project Brief:

To determine optimised positioning of boxes of different dimensions in a bigger rectangle to utilize maximum volume possible.

Dimensions (l, b and h) of the boxes and number of such boxes.
Dimension (l,b,h) of the larger rectangle which is to house all the smaller boxes.

Display in a GUI the outline of how the boxes can be arranged to achieve maximum utilization of volume of the larger box while accommodating maximum number of smaller boxes. (I will be using Processing IDE for this)

I can calculate the volumes of the boxes. But how do I predict which box to place where, in order to get max output??

P.S. I am an employee and may not be able to answer your replies immediately. But I sure do respect all the time that is spent and will try to respond ASAP. Apologies and thanks in advance.

Kavya Venkat.

This does not sound like the sort of project that an Arduino is suited to.

Did you choose to use the Arduino or are you required to for some reason ?

I have been working with a lot of projects with Arduino. It is not like I have to use Arduino only. I only want to give a try with arduino. However, if there is something else that will help me better, I am ready to explore and learn.

Can't you do the whole thing in Processing as no sensors are required in the project

This is a well-know optimization problem: Bin packing problem - Wikipedia

Perhaps a search for "bin packing problem" would yield some ideas.

Thanks for the responses. It didnt strike me to go ahead with processing only. Thanks for hitting it. Thanks for your time.