Using Arduino to glow LED with every pulse of Rotary Encoder

Hello, with every pulse of rotary encoder, I want one LEDs to glow. How can I program it?
The encoder I'm using is, Heidenhain ROD 420

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What code do you currently have to read pulses from the encode ?

How long should the LED "glow" for each time a pulse is received ?

Do it like this, tell the arduino: Each pulse of the rotary encoder, you must light glow LED.
Answer as simple as your question.

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not quite because @penguin12345 wanted a glow effect so I assume some sort of variation of the brightness for the LED. A small state machine (or similar) to remember a pulse happened and then drive the glowing will be required.

if you don't want to code in details you could outsource the timing management to the SoftPWM library and its SoftPWMSetFadeTime() capability