Using Arduino to provide digital signal to pump at higher volatage

Good Evening,

I’m currently trying to send digital input to a pump using the wire provided with it.
I have an Arduino Uno that can generate signals between 0 to 5v however, it seems like I need higher voltage at the input to toggle the pump on or off.
What I’m trying to do is to find a way to create a timer circuit that starts the pump after a button is pushed and stops the pump after a specified time interval has elapsed. The problem is to dose liquid at a specified rate into a bottle for a specified time so that we can get some ideas on its accuracy for dosing.

Any ideas on how I can do it?
Is there a cheap circuit that I can buy without having to worry about wiring everything?

I’ve attached the spec sheet:

specs.pdf (283 KB)

You use the 5V signal from the Arduino to control a transistor connected to the high voltage you need to switch on the pump.

Search for :-
Motor control from an Arduino schematic.

okay. Thank you.