Using Arduino to run a automatic feed, cut and trill machine

Hi, I'm new here and wondering if some one could help me out with their knowledge of Arduino and what it is capable of doing.

I have a machine I'm looking to build and was wondering if Arduino will work.

Ok, so here is what I'm looking to build, its a machine that can feed, measure, compute, drill, cut and feed out lengths of timber all from data on a CSV file, but have the capacity to make some manual input live.

Any help would be great,

Thank you in advance/

There are a lot of CNC machines using Arduinos. I have a mini router built with a Dremel tool for doing signs and carving, a couple of 2D plotters and a 3D printer all running Arduino processors.

Then there is the grbl and Marlin (to name 2 of many) firmwares that will translate gcode to stepper and servo motions and control spindle motors with limit switches and etc.

You can also buy boards like the CNC shield or Ramps (again to name 2 of many) that have stepper drivers and other connections that make making CNC machines easier.

Then there is the software side. Lots of free software to help to generate gcode (CAM) and to send gcode from a PC to the (Arduino) CNC controller.

If you describe in more specific detail what you want to do we can better advise on the hardware, firmware and software to make it happen.

If you are designing a "machine" you want to control with an Arduino, then you must design a machine that is capable of being controlled from an Arduino.

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