Using Arduino to troubleshoot mystery led panel

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help, but I am using Arduino to power and command an LED panel that I am not quite sure how to control. The panel has one hb245 and (5) mbi5026’s. I have looked at the datasheets for these (which means little because i’m still a noob), but none of the bits I send seem to make sense. Would my best approach be to use some kind of code to test the pinnings and circuits, or using a multimeter? The panel has 20 rgb leds around the perimeter, and 63 surface mount leds in the center. I have yet to be able to get power to the surface mounted leds, and the bits I am sending to the rgb’s do not seem to be accepted the way that they are sent. Any help or direction in which to look for help will be appreciated!

Get the Arduino cookbook by Michael Margolis and read it. You will find on line many videos etc showing the Arduino and how to do use it some of it may be what you want. This additional information will go a long way in getting your problem solved. There are also many videos showing how to read a data sheet. Once you get past this you then need to reverse engineer the hardware (LED board) then you can make it work.

I did get access to the arduino cookbook under your advisement, though I don't think my boss is going to allow this project to go long enough for me to read it. I did find out that the panel has a name: Konami Podium KP Belly LED unit with Harness (K3-Belly)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction though,gilshultz!