Using Arduino Uno and micro servo attachments to open /close/ swing louvers

Hi guys, I am an absolute newbie but am falling in love with the possibilities of using Arduino devices to accomplish repetitive tasks.

I want to use an Arduino Uno R3 and a micro server + attachments to open/close/swing the louvers on my lounge room wall AC unit to distribute the air all round the room more effectively.

As I do not want to reinvent the wheel and make it any harder than necessary I am looking to wiser heads for ideas.

I am hoping to use the least extra parts I need to that do not come with the SG90 9G Servo to make my connections to the louvers and of course want any suggestions as to the easiest piece of basic example code I could modify to get the task done.

If you think I need a heavier duty servo than the above for continuous use could you please suggest some model numbers.

As I want to employ this in a few different Air Conditioners a couple of which the louvers take a little bit of force to manually operate I concede that I may well need to use a different model servo than the SG90 9G as it is indeed lightly built so suggestions are asked for - thanks.

I want to be able to power up and leave alone to simply do the job essentially of opening and closing louvers with no fancy interface of any kind other than power up to start.

This is my 1st post and I do hope I've come to the right place - peace my friends ;) your input I'm sure will be invaluable to me and help me feel part of the community.

People may be confused by your use of the word "server" in your title. The correct word is "servo". A server is a very different thing. You can change the title by modifying your original post.

There ar servo examples in the Arduino IDE - especially the servo sweep example

What you want to do is simple. The biggest problem may be the reliability of the servo if it is required to run continuously for long periods.