using arduino uno+ ethernet shield + gps6mv1 on the web is how to follow

Hi everyone,

arduino uno, ethernet shield and gy-gps6mv1 module. How is a simple web-based follow-up system can do that.

Thank you in advance

We know, or can make reasonable guesses as to what a UNO is and what a ethernet shield is. The other device needs you to post a link.

What, exactly, is it you wish for the Arduino to do? Follow up to what?

I want to make the system the attached picture. I do not understand how the scripts. I want to do in a nutshell. google map with a fixed IP is through a web-based vehicle tracking, gprs will not be, then this system ethernet port multiplexing, IP camera, I want to add. If you tell me step by step what needs to be, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you in advance