Using Arduino Uno + Nova for Windows to track the ISS. Help wanted.

Hi, not sure if this should be in general project questions, but the main issue I am having is with software so I put it here.

A while back, I took on a project at my school to attempt to make a device that would point at the ISS at any given moment. My idea was inspired by seeing videos of others doing the same thing online and this gave me the impression that even if I hit a wall along the way (my coding/software skills are highly limited), I could just follow the steps put forth by these people. Not so. I am running short on time and need to instead download a program such as Nova for Windows to constantly feed me the Azimuth+Elevation of the satellite (As opposed to coming up with my own complex mathematical functions to calculate where to point). My problem here is that, while I CAN get a constant real time reading of these values on the program, I need to know how to move these numbers over to Arduino to tell the motors where to point. I read somewhere that Nova for Windows supports DDE, which sounds very handy but is something I do not know how to use or even how to set up. Does anyone else know of an easy way I could get these numbers onto my Arduino? And does Arduino support DDE? Any help is greatly appreciated. If you haven't seen Nova for Windows, download of the basic version is free and relatively easy. Thank you in advance!

[quote]And does Arduino support DDE?


I have only glanced through the web page for NfW. Unless there's a way to make NfW write the info directly to a serial port (and I didn't see one), I think the only way to get that info would be to write a DDE client which runs on the PC, receives the info from VfW and then forwards it through a serial port to the Uno. There are some scripting languages which can do DDE (e.g. TCL) which might make it easier to write the PC side of the interface (if you know the scripting language).


P.S. The NfW site has an example C++ program which receives the DDE messages from NfW. You should be able to modify that to write the received info to a serial port.