Using Arduino Uno with ESP8266 connect to MS sql local server

Hi everybody,
I am new to Arduino and I would appreciate some guidance.
I am trying to use arduino uno with just ESP8266 to connect to wifi locally and to connect to ms sql. All i am trying to do is send simple small data to the server (example, the readings of a scale in kg). Hence my questions are:
1- Does the arduino uno have enough memory to do that or like mentioned on the web the coding will be too big for it to handle?
2- If the arduino can handle it, how do i make the code to connect to my sql? i am able to connect to my router's wifi but i can't get it to find my local SQL.
3- If the best way is to use web services is php the best solution to code? If not, which is the best? i don't know how to make PHP or webservices but would like tips of which one is easier to learn and use so i can start to learn it and not learn random programs.

Really thankful for any advice
Thank You

Let me give you some general advice about using an ESP8266 in combination with an AVR (Arduino).
To use the ESP AT-commands given from an Arduino is clumsy and i do not recommend or support it.
To program the ESP directly using the Arduino IDE is a much more practical approach, unfortunately there are quite a lot of incorrect tutorials out there on how to do that. this one is at least correct.
If the ESP you have does not have the pins you need to connect your peripherals, you could add an Arduino to your setup, though in most cases a bigger ESP will be easier.
Even the smallest of ESP boards (ESP-01) has 4 GPIO pins exposed, be it with some limitations (2 are used for the UART, so if you use that those can not be used, and GPIO 0, 1 & 2 can not be pulled “LOW” at boot)
Either way you should normally speaking let the ESP be the master, since it has the more powerful processor and bigger memory.
If you google ‘sql ESP8266’ some suggestions should pop up.

Thank you so much for your advice, I will try it :slight_smile:

I like the Wemos D1 Mini. It has WiFi, more RAM than the Uno, is faster than the Uno, and 1/5 the cost of a Uno.

Just to be clear. Are you talking about MS SQL (Microsoft SQL database) or are you taking about MySQL ?

If you want to connect to MS SQL you’ll have to enable IIS to get a web server running, then use one of the scripting languages / active server pages to communicate with the MS SQL server. There may also be other options.

Better known here is MySQL in combination with an Apache web server and PHP as the server side scripting language. This is all free. Google for Lamp or Wamp server

Thank you for your reply
I am refering to MS SQL(Microsoft SQL database).
What I was thinking was:
1- I have my SQL server locally
2- I got the arduino uno with basic ESP8266 connected to router locally.
3- Now all I am missing is how to tell it to just simply insert the weight it reads from the scale to SQL database. I was just thinking to do simple inserts which shouldn't take up much memory or process. And like all is connected locally in the same network, i was thinking that i wouldn't need to send it up to a webserver to send the signal back down to the SQL. Also, i wouldn't need to worry about learning how to make PHP or web services and get a host. Lastly, i wouldn't have to worry about security problems as it would be all locally.
Thx again

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