Using Arduino with Dell Precision 5550

Grandmother just bought me a new laptop for school. Having 3 USB-C ports, this laptop came with a USB-A and HDMI adapter. The computer played its normal windows "ding" when i plugged the arduino in, but no ports are available for data transfer to the arduino. Is this a USB-C problem or an adapter problem? Id just like to make sure before i buy a USB-B to USB-C cord. Seems like the computer would at least recognize the C ports as ports in the arduino IDE, right? but it is greyed out and wont let me see whats going on "behind the scenes". Thx for any help.

Which Arduino?

Make sure that you are using a good data USB cable. USB cables from phone chargers won't work.

its the same data cable that ive been using on my old computer, the one that came with the arduino. I dug around in the connections to the computer outside the IDE and i found the ardunio, it was just a driver problem. I just have to find the right one for my off brand arduino lol

There is not so much a board of Arduino, it's all about the TTL-to-USB chip on the board. You need to identify the chip closest to the USB port on the Arduino. Possibly it's the CH340 in which case you can follow instructions on How to Install CH340 Drivers - SparkFun Learn for instructions; they also provide a link to the latest drivers.

Have a look in Device Manager and enable "Show hidden devices". Are there any devices showing errors ?

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