Using Arduino with external sensors

Hi all,

I am working in a university, and I'd like to use Arduino in conjunction with several sensors (eg. water level) to monitor an experiment.

The goal is to have the sensors monitor the experiment and stop it if something goes wrong (eg. water starts to overflow somewhere). We'd also like to signal a person to come deal with the problem. (Right now we are considering triggering Skype to call a predetermined person.)

All of the inputs to the experiment are controlled through a computer running windows XP. We have MacroExpress software that takes care of button pushes on the computer during the experiment.

I'd never heard of Arduino until today so I'm looking for some guidance as to the feasibility of using it for this. I have some coding experience, which seems like it would be useful for this.

Please let me know if there is other information I should provide.

Thanks for your help!


monitoring should be fairly easy with an Arduino and the right sensors. also Arduino works pretty well together with processing witch could be used to visualize the read data from the sensors. But I am not sure how to automatically trigger Skype through the arduino. Well, I guess it could be possible somehow...


Take some time to go through the tutorial section of this site. It contains many examples and I guess you will recognize the snippets that are useful for your project very fast.

The Arduino should send it's sensor data to the PC and the PC should trigger SKYPE.