using arduino with ft232rl usb to serial uart interface

Hi All, I am trying to expand the usefulness of Arduino. As it is you can only download a program to a microcontroller. The program length is limited to the memory storage of the microcontroller (I have been using Atmel 328p). I have so far programmed this with many useful small programs.
I have been looking at the ft232rl which may already be installed on the nano board to program the Atmel. What would it take to bypass programming the Atmel altogether and do everything the programmed Atmel can do like reading sensors etc? This would have the huge advantage of increasing the memory storage to that of my laptop.
So if I got the ft232rl and attached it to my usb port could I do this? It may not be that easy but perhaps your people may come up with the necessary hardware and software changes.
I have come across an article that says this can be done using 'C'. Also many of the online articles I have seen say that Arduino is 'C'.
So far I have had no luck downloading a 'C' compiler. I just end up with a long list of files which I have no idea how to use to program in 'C'. I actually would be able to simply program in Arduino and copy and paste to the 'C' compiler.
Looking forward to input from the forum to suggest how this can be done.

I can't quite understand what you try to achieve.

Regarding C, Arduinos are programmed in C++; whatever you can do in C, you can do in C++. Post a link to the article "that this can be done using C" so we might understand what you're talking about.

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