Using Arduino with Max/MSP - Jitter

Hi guys,

I am now at the implementation stage of a college project which will read my users' heart rates (Through a pulse monitor and Arduino) and output predetermined video and audio based on the variations in the heart rate.

I am after getting stuck at one specific juncture of the project; getting Arduino to communicate with Max/MSP and Jitter. I had planned on storing and processing the video/audio through Max/Jitter. I just want to find out if Max/Jitter is the best software to use in my case, and if so, how would one go about getting Arduino to actually communicate with Max/Jitter?

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. (In panic mode now!)

Hi Jcontrols If you're confortable with max, there is no reason to leave it! for my projects i also use maxmsp jitter with arduino. I've loaded firmata on my arduino shield (firmata examples are provided in arduino 18 app) and parse signals with the maxuino patch: there is also the Arduino2Max exemple available here: but you'll have to program the arduino board up to your needs... bye

Thanks 1teractiv, appreciate it.

did you manage to make it work?

Not as of yet, am still waiting on some components for my heart rate monitor (HRMI & 32kHz crystal). Have all the rest of the components so hopefully will have it up and running as soon as I get the rest of the stuff. Just got a 9 month student authorization for Max 5 too, Arduino really did not like Max 4.6! Seems to be communicating well with arduino so far anyway, fingers crossed it will all work with the heart rate monitor!

I'm under max 5, never tried 4.6 withe arduino... hope your monitor will work...

Max 4.6 will work just as well. I recommend using Messenger with Max. Check out SimpleMessagingSystem if Messenger doesn't work for you in older versions of Max. There are fully documented patches in the download. Reading an analog / digital sensor should be easy enough using it.

Basically you load the Messenger sketch to the Arduino and then open the Max example.

There is an order of operations when using Max and Arduino. I think the Arduino must be connected via usb and powered before you open Max. A reset on the board may be necessary to start communicating.

Messenger -