Using Arduino with/or ESP-32/8266

Hi! I would like my arduino project to MQTT publish some numbers (and maybe subscribe some as well) so i can acess them in Node-RED (NOT A NODE-RED QUESTION). I have an Arduino Uno without WIFI. Do I need another Arduino? I've been looking and heard about esp32 and esp8266.
If i were to buy one of them and connect it with my Arduino Uno would it work?
Does WiFi ESP8266 - CP2102 NodeMCU V3 Lua work alone ("as the Arduino and with the same code")?
Thanks for your time!

You can install an ESP core to run Arduino sketches on an ESP. Not all sketches will work without modifications. The ESP core adds some network features that you can use.

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Is ESP core some library? Sorry im a newbie :v
The code will still be the same language as Arduino?

Yes, same language... C++.

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It is available through the Boards Manager of the IDE. It will be installed in the packages folder of the Arduino 15 folder and you can run it seamlessly in the Arduino IDE with a board selection under "Tools" in the IDE sketch.

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@aarg @cattledog thank you both so much!!!

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