Using arduino's atmega328 standalone


is it possible to program the onboard atmega of an arduino board (2009 in my case) and then use the onboard atmega, with some adaptations, in a standalone circuit ?

read a lot, but very confused...

thanx in advance

Is this what you mean?


yes and no... i mean, the arduino board has its own atmega328....can i just program that (as i use to do, i also have a nano), and then simply use its onboard atmega in the programmed standalone circuit ?

don't know if it's clearer...

If you are asking if you can remove the controller from the Arduino and use it in a standalone application. Yes.
I have only UNOs and Bobuinos and don't know what the 2009 looks like.

Yes and it's normally known as a "Bare Bones" system.

Basically just the chip, required support components and components that make up the circuitry.

thanks very much !

i asked without too much hope it could be possibile (having read tons of AVR-isp stuff);

obviously we are talking about an atmega that has the arduino bootloader, right ?

If you program the controller as you would normally do the boot loader stays but,
you can also remove the boot loader to recover about 500 bytes of flash using the Arduino as a ISP.

thank you very much, very precious informations here