Using Ardunio on a PS4 controller to remap and add rapid fire/macros

Hello everyone I am new to Arduinos

Currently right now I have a modded PS4 controlled, I remapped the X and O button to a tactile switch I added to the back of the controlled so I can press X and O without taking my thumb off the thumb-sticks. How I did that was scrape away on the board to expose the X and O points, soldered a wire to it, solder that wire to a tactile switch and the other side of the tactile switch to ground.

I was inspired by this youtube video XBOX ONE - $4 RAPID FIRE MOD TUTORIAL | ARDUINO - YouTube
he added rapid fire functionality to his Xbox1 controller with Arduino Pro Micro

I want to take it to the next level, add rapid fire and remap ability

I have a 2nd PS4 controller I am looking to mod with Arduino.I am interested between Arduino Nano or Mini pro to wire Cross, Circle, Square, Triangle, Right Trigger, and Left Trigger to the Arduino and have those buttons able to be remap to 2 different tactile switches added to the back of the controller. Also since all those buttons are wired to the Arduino I want to be able to add rapid fire functionality to each button and be able to switch through different mods on the Arduino


Yeah I'm working on a adaptive Arduino script and soon a slim Protected modchip for this sort of thing currently I've got Arduino code working like a professional mod chip on a Xbox 360 but the way I coded it it thinks for its self (not entirely) it detects the original value of the trigger not pulled makes a range for it and when the value changes too much from the original it will then tell the set the value back to the original within sertain interverals thru the loop code. I'll release full source later for ya I'm out rn bro. It should be easy to wire to a PS4 controller and the way I coded it you should understand

Not much of a coder and wondering if an Arduino chip can be programmed to work like a mod chip with the correct script?