Using Atmega Hex Uploader (by Nick Gammon) with local data instead of SD Card?


I am currently using the Atmega_Hex_Uploader sketches by Nick Gammon to write hex files from an SD card to an Uno, through a Mega. Currently it requires pulling the hex file from an SD card, but is there a quick way to mimic an SD card with a local computer folder? Rewriting his code to use local files may take a long time of coding/debugging.


Nick's sketch runs on another Arduino, which doesn't HAVE any "local computer folders." It's not really where you should be starting if your goal is to write to the Arduino from a PC. (and... there are already PC-side programs that will do that - why do you want something new?)

I tried some of the computer ran programs but for some reason they had issues with my HEX code. Nick Gammons code was the only one that would upload the HEX successfully. Unfortunately my lack of experience in the boot-loader category has made troubleshooting difficult.