Using ATMEGA328P-AU with 8mhz crystal

This is my first project using an Atmega328 with an 8mhz crystal. Do I just burn the bootloader by selecting arduino pro mini, 8mhz?

I'll be powering it at 3.3Volts.
(I have a 3.3V FTDI cable)

Yes, any 8Mhz Bootloader should do the trick. Just make sure you check the fuses values to confirm the external crystal is being used and not the internal oscillator.

The smallest 8mhz crystal I can find on Digikey is this one by Diodes Inc.
It has these specs:
Frequency 8MHz
Frequency Stability ±30ppm
Frequency Tolerance ±30ppm
Load Capacitance 18pF
ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) 100 Ohm
Operating Mode Fundamental
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C

This should work okay? Do I use 22pf caps, like I normally do?

Have a look at this:

So 22pF is probably good enough, especially if the stray capacitance is a little high 8pF (e.g. from ground plane pour).

The easiest solution is to use the internal 8 MHz oscillator. This requires no external parts. Everything you need can be found here --> GitHub - MCUdude/MiniCore: Arduino hardware package for ATmega8, ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega168, ATmega328 and ATmega328PB