Using ATMega328p on custom board

Hey guys.

not to sure if the already is a topic about this.

I am wanting to build a custom circuit board with an atmega328p or a 2560 (Both package TQFP) on it.
What are the components that i will need hooked upto it just to have it running and ready for programing?
Is there a schematic for that^^?
I will be using a usb to ftdi adapter and puting a header on the board for that to connect to just for programing

For the 328:

The 2560

The configuration that you refer to is often called "stand alone".

Power supply, decoupling capacitors, crystal+caps (or ceramic resonator). And you'll
need a ICSP (in circuit serial programmer, since factory chips come without an Arduino bootloader)

Not much is needed - crystal, caps, reset resistor, couple of headers for FTDI and ICSP make things convenient.
Here's a bare-minimum 2560 design I offer, chip on top and Crystal, Rs, Cs on the bottom.
I have similar for 328P, 1284, and 2561
2560, double sided for components

Keeping all components on one side makes assembly easier, going to double side allows it to be smaller
1284, single sided for components

328P, double sided for components

2561, double sided for components. Note that SPI pins are not the ICSP pins for this board, 2 of them coincide with the Serial pins.