Using ATTiny Micro-Controllers With The Arduino Core Library

I have created a tutorial - Arduino Template Express - Using the ATTiny Micro-Controllers - in my blog that explains how to use the Arduino core libraries with the ATTINY family of AVR micro-controllers. See, The tutorial walks you through the configuration of a breadboard development board using the ATTINY85, use a FTDI breakout board for serial communication and use the Arduino Core library to blink an LED. This tutorial will help Arduino users capitalize on their knowledge of the Arduino libraries and add the ATTINY family of micro-controllers to their arsenal.

Nice tutorial....

BUT, it really does not fit well into the Arduino paradigm since you utilize Atmel Studio 6.1

It is difficult enough to support our Arduino users that venture off into ATtiny land but introducing professional tools into play would really complicate support... Or force us to deny support by turning the user away with a redirect. Not good business.