Using Bare Conductive paint as a car boot switch?

The more I look into the arduino, the more possibilities I see popping up.

I watched this tutorial earlier:

It's a paint that can sense when you are near, I was thinking about using it under the car's paint, and having it open the boot, or fuel filler cap. So no buttons, just swipe, and it opens. Both boot and fuel cap are already operated by solonoids.

Would there be any problems getting the UNO board to complete the circuit when the bare paint senses a hand near?


I suppose you'd need to try it to find out, although personally I'm skeptical that capacitive sensing would be reliable in proximity to large chunks of metal. If it worked as you hoped, would you use that to unlatch the boot when anyone waved their hand past it? (There are obvious security implications with that approach.)

Can't hurt to experiment.

It's fiberglass on the boot (well hard top lid anyway), the fuel filler is metal though. And I was going to hook it into the central locks somehow, so when it's unlocked, the sensor has power.

Don't want somebody able to open it at all times.

It seems normal to only enable the external boot release when the car is unlocked with the engine stopped.

I recently purchased a bare conductive pen, was very disappointed. The ink was really thick and difficult to handle, I managed to find these guys who I saw at a UK maker fair, the ink from these guys is sooooo much better, easy to handle as it is like a paint, they use some special Sri Lankan graphite which makes it super conductive, I tested and got 2 ohms per square, I could not get 600 ohms per square from bare!