Using BLE when not connected to computer and powering advices request


I am starting to think about how to power my Arduino Nano BLE Sense since I would like to use it as a BLE peripheral sending several sensors' datas when it is not connected to the computer. The central I use is a Wio Terminal, for which I will buy the dedicated power chassis.

I have noticed that the BLE doesn't work when the devices are not connected to the computer and the serial monitoring is not lauched. For instance, when I plug the Wio Terminal to a phone charger with a program just displaying on the screen the values measured by the integrated sensors, it works. But when I put a program to send the values using the BLE, it doesn't work: I can't detect the BLE device either on phone apps or with Arduino. On the same way, I can't detect the Arduino Nano BLE Sense with the phone when it is not plugged to the computer and that the serial monitor is not launched.

Could anyone please explain me why? I guess it is possible to use the devices with BLE and without connecting to the computer since there are aimed to be used in an Internet of Objects context.

Also any special LiPo rechargeable battery to recommand me for the Arduino Nano BLE Sense?
I have seen this model

Thanks in advance for your help

Please make and post schematics of the troubling setup.

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Hello, thank you for your answer and sorry for the delay. Here is a scheme. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Ehhh. Thanks for the description of the major blocks in the system.

When communication doesn't work there are 2 possible errors.

  1. The transmitter jams up.
  2. The receiver jams up.

Somehow You need to break down the fault finding in smaller parts.
It's natural to verify the the transmitter really transmits. Then debugging the receiver is meaningful.
I thought of a electrical schematics schematics showing powering and connections, all pins labeled with their designations.

Does your code contain

while( !Serial );

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yes ! I have removed it and now it seems ok. Thanks a lot !

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