using Bluetooth DIP Module to connect to Arduino

I was wondering what is needed to be done to connect Bluetooth® DIP Module - SparkFun Bluetooth DIP Module - Roving Networks - WRL-08550 - SparkFun Electronics to the serial lines of an arduino so that programming and serial communication could be done wireless. I would assume you would connect the RX and TX pins on the bluetooth module to the RX and TX ports on the arduino, the RST on the bluetooth to the Reset on the arduino, and the ground and vdd on the bluetooth to the 3.3 v out and ground on the arduino. Would this work or are there other components I would need? I also wonder if the RTS and CTS ports on the bluetooth would need to connect to anything on the arduino. An image of the bluetooth module is below and the product page is available at the above link. Thanks Everyone

Hey, I'm trying to do the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?