Using bluetooth module HC-05/6 to find lost device

I am pretty much completely new to Arduino programming and use in circuits, but have started off with a seemingly challenging first electronics project.

essentially I want to make a system that uses the signal strength of a connected android device to provide an output of varying voltage, depending on the proximity of the Bluetooth module and android device. I think I have to use a PWM output in order to achieve this, but the process by which I code the input from the module into values for an output I have no clue.

(to put this into context I will use the varying voltage output by feeding it into the control volts of a 555 astable to produce a varying frequency giving an audible cue as to the proximity of the devices. the closer the devices, the greater the signal strength , the greater value of the output and the higher the frequency).

Is there a library where a signalStrength function would be included (or does it have to be written), and do you know how I would code with this to give the required result? ie: take the analogRead value of the signal strength(0-1023??) convert it to the analogWrite value (0-255) then divide that into parts to give a range of 1-2-3-4-5 volts as an output.

apologies If this is too vague but I don't have much knowledge around the subject so its the best I can do!

cheers :slight_smile:

(p.s I'm using an Arduino UNO and a HC-06 bluetooth module)

I think this is a pretty futile exercise, but you might get some joy using BLE instaed of HC-06. This because BLE has lower power consumption, greater range, and I understand it has a dedicated beacon facility. This presupposes your Android has BLE. Most do these days.