Using both Fingerprint sensor and the GSM 900A module at the same time

I am getting an "init error" when I try to use both at the same time If I just use the GSM module then it is working well and good I think that the arduino is not able to power both of them at the same time If that is the case then I'd love to hear a workaround Thank you :)

You have some unspecified GSM hardware, with unknown current and voltage requirements.

You have some unspecified fingerprint sensor, with unknown current and voltage requirements.

You have some undefined code that indicates that it failed to initialize something.

So, you suspect that the Arduino can't supply enough power, and you want to find a workaround.

Well, that's simple. Use an adequate power supply for the GSM hardware and the fingerprint sensor.

What is adequate? Who the hell knows? You posted no useful information.

My bad! :expressionless: :confused:
I’m using an Uno board and I’m using the (simcom) SIM900A board and I’m giving it 10V, 2A using an adapter. The fingerprint sensor uses 5V and I’m powering it using the board itself.
The init error was popping up coz I had interchanged the Rx and the Tx pin connections in the board

The gsm is to be triggered when an unenrolled fingerprint is detected

E_belt_1.ino (3.47 KB)