Using Both NO and NC connector on relay board


I have a number of Honeywell Solenoids that i wish to use to control hydronic zones in my house - Honeywell VC6012 - link to the manual here

They are 240vac operated and appear to be "latching" solenoids in that when current is supplied to one wire they are driven to be closed - and stay that way regardless of whether the current is removed. When applied to a different connector - the motion is then reversed and they go back to the previous position (in this case open and closing a water valve)

Would it be valid using one of the standard 5v Arduino relay modules (such as to drive both sides of this solenoid from a single relay - with one wire going to the NO and the other to the NC - or am i breaking some rules here i am unaware of ?



Fig. 4
Put your relay instead SPST

Hi Craig,

Wait.. Exactly which Honeywell controller do you have??

Red label 220V ??

The (PDF) Figure 3 controller or the Fig. 4 controller??

Terry - sorry thought i had put enough detail.

It is the red label unit - 2 port only - with 6 pin molex connector for power/control

3 wires into the unit - brown, black and blue

Figure 3 seems to match up