Using busted headphone speakers with Arduino (wire problem)

Hey guys. I'm planning on doing my first ever unit with Arduinos in my computer science/digital communication class with my students. I'm not an expert with Arduinos by any means, and have just started tinkering with them myself, but I am leading students through a few of the built-in examples to give them the basic of Arduino.

Anyway, finding components has been one of the harder tasks, as we're a school and have to be on the cheap. What we do have though, is a heap of broken headphones! I went through the other day and ripped out the speakers out of each of these. I'm sure not all of them work, but at the very least, some might.

My only issue now though, is figuring out how to plug them into the breadboards. The headphone wires that the speakers come with is INCREDIBLY SMALL! It looks like the picture below (not a picture taken by me, but very similar to what I'm seeing)

At first I thought of crimping on breadboard pins onto these wires, but I think they'd be too small to do so. I'm pretty sure they're also too soft to stick directly into the breadboards.

My final thought is ripping off the wires entirely and just soldering on new wires with breadboard pins already attached. This is my favorite idea so far, but it would take a lot of soldering and I'm short on time. (I guess I could have the kids do it. They're always jumping at the chance to play with red hot irons, lol. But I couldn't guarantee that they don't get damaged even further or be completely broken.)

Have any teachers (or anyone else) done this? What did you do to get broken headphone speakers to work with breadboards?