Using buttons with IC4066

I am looking at using an analog buttons on a arduino project.

I have experience with digital buttons, but not analog , I seen a few people using 4066IC chips to generate a digital signal by inputting the analog signal from the button to the IC, along with 5V.

Is my general understanding correct? that I can use a suitable analog button or switch & read a digital signal from the IC that I can input to arduino the same as a digital button works?

Not quite sure what you're asking, but you can read the analog buttons using analogRead and should be able to tell which button you pressed.

Here's more: link

Not sure what you mean with "analogue or digital button".

A common button is just a switch. Two contacts are closed (or opened) when you press the button.

You can read a button with a digital pin. Then it becomes a digital value.
Reading that button with an analogue pin would give the same digital value.

Not sure why you want to use a 4066 (four mosfet switches).
Tell us more about your project.

Analog buttons allow one to connect multiple buttons to a single analog input to save pins. The buttons are connected to different resistors so you can tell which was pressed by the analog value read.

Yes I know. LCD shields with buttons use that principle.
But I don't think you will get very far with your parts supplier by searching for "analogue buttons" or "matrix buttons". You can't just name them the way you are going to use them.
What will be next. Hoovering the house?