Using CAN shield for sending data on CAN bus


I'm working on a project in which I want to use CAN bus shield for ARDUINO UNO and my goal is to write a program to convert some input data in hex format into CAN and send them on CAN bus. As I found in description of this CAN bus shield, it is mainly designed to convert input CAN data into SPI and send them into ARDUINO.
So, can I use it in inverse application? (to put data on CAN bus)


I forgot to put the link for the above mentioned CAN shield:

CAN BUS Shield

The following quote is from the page you linked to:

Example Sketches
There are several different example sketches included in the library, each with different functionality.
1.SparkFun_CAN_Demo - This sketch allows you test the CAN functionality of the board by itself.
2.** SparkFun_ECU_Demo** - This sketch runs all hardware on the shield together, and logs CAN data and GPS data to the SD card, while outputting data over the serial LCD. You will need to instally the TinyGPS library and the SD library for this to work.
3.SparkFun_GPS_Demo- This sketch runs through using the GPS module. You will need to instally the TinyGPS library for this to work.
4.SparkFun_Joystick_Demo - This quick sketch allows you to test the functionality of the on board joystick.
5.SparkFun_SD_Demo - This sketch allows you to verify and test functionality of the microSD socket on board. You will need to install the SD library for this to work.
6.SparkFun_SerialLCD_Demo - A quick sketch to make sure your serial LCD screen is functioning properly.
7.CAN_Read_Demo - A very stripped down sketch to read any and all data coming out of the CAN bus.
8.CAN_Write_Demo - A basic demo for writing to the CAN bus.

Item 8 is a demonstration of what you are asking about.