Using Computer Power Supplies?

I'm making an 8x8x8 cube of RGB LEDs.

Computer power supplies look like a great idea for powering my project as I can get a 5v 30 amp current source for a lot cheaper then buying a dedicated laboratory type current source.

I found this article here which describes a method for altering the protective casing of the power supply to make a neat interface for it. The article also discusses discharging the power supply before messing around with it (a good idea) but is there anything else I might need to know before I buy one for my project? Does anyone have any experience with this? Tips? Suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Check whether your power supply has any minimum current requirements. It may be that you need to keep a certain minimum load on it to stop the output voltage climbing.

Also find the datasheet for how to turn them on, they are always on actually and are waiting for a signal to actually provide power, and finding which wire you need to trigger is better done with knowing instead of trial and error

or just get a AT model power supply

the tutorial explains it quite well. Also advises the 10e10ohms wirewound resistor on the 5 V( as its the one who carries more amperage) in order to reduce it enough for breadboarding projects. So its all there on the link u placed here