Using data from weighing scale to play music

Hey guys!

I´m fairly new to electronics so would appreciate novice-level guidance! :slight_smile: I saw this project on Instructables ( and was wondering if there could be a way to use the data being read by the Arduino to play music on a computer (perhaps using Processing?). So essentially, the weight of objects will be represented not by numbers, but by pre-defined sounds. So the sound/ music being played changes based on which weight bracket the object falls under.

This is one of my ideas for an interactive art show so don´t need this to be a useable scale in the traditional sense. The idea is to represent data in unconventional ways.

Thanks in advance!

Why not just the Arduino control the music playing?
It can send simple serial.write commands to these units to play a file:

Thank you! I didn´t even know these existed. Would I be able to set one of these to play specific files based on the incoming weight data? Do you know of any projects I can look at for guidance?

Again, I´m a novice, so apologize for wanting everything to be so dumbed down.

Yes you can.
Create a set of value based on however you’re detecting weight.
Then to play a file:

switch(value){ // integer numbers
case 1:
Serial.write (0x01);
case 2:
Serial.write (0x02);
case 198:
Serial.write (0xC6);
case 199:
Serial.write (0xC7); // 199 files max on the players
} // end switch