Using database information for Arduino


I'm developing an access system for a gym. Having a little Arduino experience, I thought of using an infrared sensor as a barrier and an RC522 RFID reader.

The issue I'm stuck with is that the data I should check is in a Microsoft Access file. So, I would like to know how Arduino to look for some info related to the tag read in Access, and do something depending on that value.

If I could do it just with Access, it would be fantastic; but if exporting the Access query/table to an XML or CSV (or something similar) file would make it easier, it would also be great.

I would be glad to hear any ideas, responding to this question, or a totally different way to do it that I haven't thought of.

Thanks in advance!


A typical approach would be for the arduino to be wifi enabled and send the data to your web server which accesses the database and responses.

An alternate approach might be to have the arduino connected to the PC that has the database and then you would have to create a program that reads the serial port of the arduino, talks to the database and responds back to the arduino.

If the database isn't very large, you could also store it on an SD card that would be connected to your arduino and then the arduino would have to open the file, read through it and find a match or not. This would require you updating the file on the SD card every time your database changed.