Using <debouncer.h> library to do other things when button pressed for 5 seconds

Dear community,
Have you used debouncer.h library from hideakitai (GitHub - hideakitai/Debouncer: Debounce library for Arduino)?
If yes, I want to seek some help from you all where I want to program my arduino to

So a simple scenario is, User A pressed and hold for 5 seconds, then it will pause the operation of the machine and all LEDs light up.Then, User can adjust something on the machine for some time. When done, User A can press the button again to resume it's original operation.

I managed to do program the 2) part, but 1) I need some guidance.
I have attached my sample code. For the 1) part, I increase the button_fall_count then using switch it will operate on something else. But for 2) part, it will light up all ledpins after 5 seconds button pressed., I did not managed to execute it.
Hope can get some help from the community. Thanks so much in advance.

I have attached my sample code.

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