Using digital pins to fade LED

spirit: the most easyist way to do it is to use 2x74hc595 and shiftPWM library.

why does that sound so familiar? hmm... could it be it was said in #1? hmm..

EDIT: Ty for the karma point.. whoever did so :)

why does that sound so familiar? hmm… could it be it was said in #1? hmm…

Ty for the karma point… whoever did so :slight_smile:

i should’ve looked it the library you mentioned before, i gave you the karma point because you really did help me out, i just didn’t realize it, thank you

yer welcome, the chip knowledge i learned came from CrossRoads awhile back.. so i'm glad i was able to be helpful to someone in return. :)

@insignia, have you had a lot of experience with the library you mentioned? i pulled up one of its examples but I'm having a hard time trying to grasp it

i have 2 BIG projects that require lots of RGB leds and those chips, unfortunately i have not gotten to put them into practice yet.. so, my expertise on it all is very limited at this time.. but Crossroads or someone else on here that has used them before are more suited to help you.. i just wanted to help you out by putting you on the right path.

so, just like you.. i'm still learning with the same item

best advice.. take yer time.. don't try to rush it... i learned the hard way.. it will come around to you... takes me some time because i know i am out of my element.. btw, SAVE AS YOU GO.. best advice ever! lol